Performance and Assessment


Performance and Assessment (PANDA) Reports are produced by Ofsted. They are an integral part of the Autumn Package of Pupil Performance Information, which is produced jointly by the DfES, Ofsted and the QCA, and published by the DfES.

PANDA reports are sent to each school annually to assist them in self-evaluation, target setting and the development of plans to raise standards. The report is a management tool to help school managers see how effective their school is in comparison with other schools.

PANDA reports are distributed in the autumn term to allow schools to use the information for evaluation and development as early in the academic year as possible, and in conjunction with the Autumn Package released by the DfES. This was a direct response to headteachers asking for the PANDA data to reach them early in the school year.

The PANDA report is confidential and Ofsted will not publish it, nor pass it to anyone, except the schools LA and the DfES, both of whom receive PANDA reports on the understanding that they will not release it without a schools specific permission. Schools are free to share the information with their staff and distribute their PANDA reports as they see appropriate.

The PANDA report enables a school to compare their results with national results and provide a good analysis of a school’s performance.