The PAT contains national data, previously known as the Autumn Package.

Value-added graphs in PAT enable comparison between the progress of individual pupils with the progress of pupils nationally with similar attainment at the previous key stage. This enables a school to consider issues such as which pupils or groups of pupils have made significantly better or worse progress than others, and whether the reasons for this can be identified. A school can filter the results according to pupils and print out reports according to your own criteria.

PAT has a tool specifically designed for target-setting. It helps schools to compare their performance against the top quartile of schools in similar circumstances and to set challenging pupil-based targets.

Using the PAT, each teacher is able to view on screen the prior attainment of their pupils. They are able to see on screen possible targets for each child based on the recent progress made by pupils similar to theirs, taking account of their prior attainment. They can then decide what targets to set for each pupil, before reviewing the impact these targets will have on the overall progress made by pupils in their school

Schools can add extra information and analyse performance according to it, for example:

  • Flags on pupils doing booster classes
  • Flags on pupils with learning mentors
  • Attendance record
  • Length of time on the roll